Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie

Alpine Meadows near Morzine

Why I love Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie

Alpine Walking in Haute Savoie

Alpine Walking in Haute Savoie


This summer I explored the wild alpine country on the border between France and Switzerland. Here I spent memorable days alpine walking in the Haute Savoie at high altitude in fresh mountain air, listening to the tinkling of cowbells.

Surrounded by spectacular snow-covered peaks, including Mont Blanc, I walked through wide grassy meadows, scented pine forests, beside sparkling rivers, blue lakes and tumbling waterfalls: paradise! I even found Gentians and spotted Marmots scampering across rocky grassland.



Highlights of Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie

One of the highlights was speeding through the air by chair lift and cable car, the valley far below. What a way to reach 2,000 metres, especially with fondu available at the top!

Morzine – where to stay when Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie

My guide was Paul Sugg who owns the stylish Chalet Catherine complete with sauna and cinema, conveniently located in the heart of Morzine – a bustling little town and so much more than just a ski resort. There I enjoyed delicious locally-sourced food, the company of fellow walkers and all the creature comforts that go to make up a memorable walking holiday.

Rof d'Enfer Walk

Rof d’Enfer Walk


Guided and Self Guided Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie

After my week in Morzine and the Savoie Alps,I realised that I had the makings of a very special walking holiday. I’m delighted to say these have now been developed and we’re running a guided week’s walking, staying at the Chalet Catherine, from Saturday 19th – 26th August 2017.

The holiday is also available in self-guided format, available any time between late June and mid-September.

The walking routes are suitable for anyone of average fitness, able to walk up to 5 hours on uneven ground with long ascents and descents on some days. The longer walks are interspersed with shorter days.

If you’d like to find out more about Alpine Walking in the Haute Savoie, please email me at

Alpine meadows: Haute Savoie

Alpine meadows: Haute Savoie