Step-changing with my Mother



Last summer my mother, June Zaft, asked me to help her in developing her business, Country Walks, and I was happy to be in a position to devote some time to this mission. And, if you know June, a mission it certainly was – and still is!

June approaches all her goals with nothing short of missionary zeal (so I knew what I was letting myself in for). It was this determination, mixed with her love of walking in the countryside and desire to keep herself and my father engaged in a pursuit they felt passionately about, and super-fit to boot, that led to June building a walking holiday company over the past 18 years.

For a while, June and Aubrey had been keen to make their Country Walks available to a wider audience, via a self-guided format, both in the UK and Europe.

The first step in moving closer to June’s vision for the future Country Walks was to update the design of the website: the ‘brand identity’ as the professionals call it. Luckily, I had spent a good part of my career in the world of branding. And, more luckily still, I knew just the person for the job: one who would preserve the essence of the Country Walks brand, so lovingly nurtured by June, while updating its image. This was a designer called Nix Harwood; she’s employed by a design agency called Infestation in Cape Town.

The process of working with Nix, Anton and the team at Infestation via email felt far from remote, given their professionalism and enthusiasm for the task. It was an absolute pleasure and, crucially, Nix worked her design magic. We are thrilled with the result!

Meanwhile, June and Aubrey have been re-researching their guided walking holiday routes, commentaries and accommodation options to be suitable for publication as self-guided walking holidays. They haven’t finished this process yet (and keep finding new routes on their travels), but now we’ve got enough to ‘go live’ with the website.

So here it is in all its glory  Have a look and do let us know what you think!

PS Many thanks to all the Country Walks’ aficionados – June and Aubrey’s loyal clients over many years – who have already sent June their invaluable feedback on the site.